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  • Place Your Bets: States Take on Daily Fantasy Sports

    One of the biggest new trends in digital applications is daily fantasy sports. Dominated by two leading companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, the daily fantasy sports industry swelled in size in 2015, with the two companies collecting a combined $50 million in weekly fees from about 7.5 million users during the NFL season. However, the industry is receiving considerable backlash from… read more

  • The Engelberg Center and IPNY present Blogologues

    The Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy presents Blogologues. Professor Chris Sprigman, NYU School of Law, will interview Jen Jamula and Alli Goldberg, the creators of Blogologues, a New York City live comedy sketch show that takes its material word for word from the Internet and imagines a back story that makes us laugh and expands the world of… read more

  • Not the Breast Outcome for Myriad Genetics

    The United States and Australia share some pretty significant legal differences. For example, rigid gun control laws in Australia compared to the constitutional right to bear arms in the United States, the right to gay marriage in the United States compared to Australia’s archaic position that love should exist only between a man and a woman (seriously?) and the fact… read more

  • What It Takes to Break the Internet

    In November of 2014, Kim Kardashian posted two photographs to Instagram sourced from her cover shoot for the winter 2014 issue of Paper magazine. One photo displays Kardashian peering over her shoulder as she slips her sparkly black evening gown beneath her entirely nude, albeit heavily oiled, posterior. The caption reads: “#BreakTheInternet.” The Kardashian photograph quickly stirred conversation, inspiring many… read more