Employer-Employee Relationship? Finding An Easier Way To Compensate Collegiate Athletes For Their Injuries

Concussion lawsuits have become an increasingly hot topic over the past decade as we’ve learned more about the long-term dangers concussions can pose to the human brain. While NFL concussion lawsuits for workers’ compensation have been highly publicized, less attention has been paid to NCAA players with similar injuries. Lawsuits for sports-related injuries at this level have been largely unsuccessful due to the “amateur” model that controls and defines college sports. This post.. Read More

Timing of incentives in crowdfunding

Patents, prizes, government grants, and R&D tax incentives are ways to reward and incentivize innovation. One of the ways in which these schemes differ is the timing of the reward. Patent holders are rewarded after the product is developed and patented over the course of 20 years (length of the patent) but only if the product is commercialized (since rents are earned from the market). Prize-winners are awarded according to the competition rules.. Read More

Does crowdfunding result in good product development decisions?

Just as our hourly mood statuses (www.twitter.com), tedious errands (www.taskrabbit.com), and restaurant conundrums (www.yelp.com) have been progressively fulfilled and/or publicized by various social technology platforms, the want of capital has also turned to social networks sprawled across the internet as an alternative to the traditional financing entities. Crowdfunding, most popularly embodied by Kickstarter, leverages small contributions from the masses to finance various projects. While it generates the most traffic in the creative arts.. Read More

The Oculus Rift Buyout Outrage: What are the Rights of Kickstarter Backers?

The Oculus Rift is one of the new technologies that has many techies buzzing. Videos are all over YouTube, fan pages have sprung up, and even the Game of Thrones exhibit in New York City is using the technology to immerse visitors. And with good reason. The Oculus Rift promises to satisfy one of the holy grails of the technology world: virtual reality (VR). Though the modern concept of VR has been pursued.. Read More

Oral Argument Recount – Alice v. CLS Bank: The Rubber Hits the Road for Patentable Subject Matter

What is an abstract idea? That was the issue at the heart of Monday’s Supreme Court arguments in Alice v. CLS Bank. In order to understand the issue in Alice, its important to understand how the Supreme Court’s understanding of patentable subject matter has evolved over the past decade. Section 101 of the Patent Act specifies that inventors may receive a patent on any “process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter” so long.. Read More

Hip-Hop on Exhibition

“ Is exclusivity versus mass replication really the 50 million dollar difference between a microphone and a paintbrush? Is contemporary art overvalued in an exclusive market, or are musicians undervalued in a profoundly saturated market? ” -Cilvaringz & The RZA, EZCLZIV SCLUZAY As far as cultural products go, music has seen relatively few changes in how it is consumed. The advent of recording technology and the development of commercial radio transformed music’s consumption,.. Read More

App Happy: The Rise of a New Technological Industry and Why Intellectual Property May Have Very Little To Do With It

With over one million mobile applications available to download on smartphones, generating over one billion dollars in revenues, it is clear that the field of mobile application development is currently a hotbed of technological innovation. The United States grounds its innovation policy in the intellectual property clause in the Constitution, where it grants Congress the power to “To promote the progress of Science and the Useful Arts, be securing for limited Times to.. Read More

Fallout from the 9th Circuit’s “Innocence of Muslims” Ruling

Approximately one month ago, the 9th Circuit released its decision in Garcia v. Google, Inc. In Garcia, a writer/producer by the name of Mark Basseley Youssef cast Cindy Garcia in a minor role in his film. As far as Garcia knew, she was acting in an adventure film set in ancient Arabia called “Desert Warrior.” However, it turned out that [a dubbed over version of] Garcia’s scene was actually used in an anti-Islamic.. Read More

Privacy Under the Federal Trade Commission: Enforcement Actions of the FTC

Congress created the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 1914 to prevent unfair methods of competition in commerce. In 1938, Congress gave the FTC the grant to enforce the prohibition on “unfair and deceptive acts or practices”, which, in the area of privacy, has largely centered on false and misleading statements concerning companies’ privacy policies and data collection processes. The FTC develops policy in the field of privacy by issuing opinions in its enforcement.. Read More

On the Offensive: College Athletes Seek to Unionize

Earlier this year, a group of Northwestern University (NU) football players led by team quarterback and captain, Kain Colter, took a bold and unprecedented step toward forming a labor union to represent college athletes. Colter, along with Ramogi Huma and Luke Bonner, both former collegiate athletes, founded the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA) and, just last week, concluded arguments before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) where CAPA implored the NLRB to allow.. Read More