Teenagers throughout the world would tell you that sports video games have vastly improved over the last 20 years. Game controls have become more sophisticated, player movements have been refined, and depictions of sports venues have become infinitely more detailed. Yet, the most striking difference between the games of today and those of the mid-to-late 90’s are the depictions of the actual bodies of the players. The generic figures of early video games.. Read More

Copyrighting Fashion After Varsity Brands

This panel was part of a two-part series of the Annual Survey of American Law 2017 Symposium, entitled: “Copyrighting What We Wear: A Legal and Technological Restyling.” They will host their second event on April 3, 2017 focusing on copyrighting wearable technology. Cheerleading uniforms and color patterns took center stage as students and lawyers gathered in New York University School of Law’s Greenberg Lounge in February. A panel presented by the NYU Annual.. Read More