A Comparative Study on Product-Packaging Trademark Law: Current Judicial Attitudes in Taiwan and the United States

Introduction: The Kose Case in Taiwan On November 6, 2014, the Intellectual Property Court of Taiwan, which was erected on August 1, 2008 after Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization on January 1, 2002, reversed an important case concerning the trademark of Medicated Kose Sekkisei [Lotion]. The ruling in Kose Corporation v. Intellectual Property Office, 智慧財產法院 [Taiwan] [Intellectual Property Court] Nov. 6, 2014, No. 83 serves as a good representation of current judicial attitudes of.. Read More

The Growth of League of Legends, And the Need for Collective Bargaining

eSports has become more prominent over the past decade. In 2015, the global revenues for all eSports games combined reached $325 million, with North America accounting for a third of that total. The trend shows that such revenue will reach $1 billion by 2019. In terms of viewership, statistics show a global audience of 226 million viewers in 2015, trending towards 450 million viewers by 2019. In mainstream media, eSports has also grown.. Read More

Trademarking “The Blue”

A football fan sits down on the couch late on a Saturday night and turns on ESPN to watch the day’s college football highlights. The program is what one would expect—a collection of perfect throws, unbelievable catches, and bone-crushing tackles taking place on a large expanse of green grass or turf. Then, as the program shifts to a new set of highlights, the field suddenly turns blue. A less experienced viewer may think.. Read More

Chasing YouTube: How Europe Plans to Hold Web Platforms Accountable

As the Internet gravitates toward social media and viral content, claims of ownership over online content become more and more difficult to enforce. Songs and music videos are posted illegally on dozens of sites, and even news articles are often compiled by aggregators before finding their way to large segments of the public. Record labels that previously enjoyed sizable profits on the music they produced have now seen their revenues decline sharply over.. Read More