Upcoming CLE Conference – Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape

On December 3rd, JIPEL contributing author Adam Waks will be part of the faculty for the International Intellectual Property Institute-Bloomberg BNA CLE “Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape.” The conference will provide an overview of current trade secret law, the proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2014, and strategies for creating policies and procedures that protect trade secrets. Waks will be presenting on trade secrets and employment in the current era, including:.. Read More

Cutting Costs: Tax Deductions for Artists

Under the Internal Revenue Code § 183, individuals or corporations cannot take deductions for activities if “such activity is not engaged in for profit.” The IRS does not want to provide a subsidy for people engaging in hobbies for their own enjoyment; deductions are meant to accurately reflect the costs that individuals and corporations incur in the course of doing business. But what does it mean to “engage in an activity for profit”?.. Read More