JIPEL Symposium

You finally got a gig as a standup comedian and your competitor stole your best joke? Your favorite chef created a new culinary masterpiece and a week later the restaurant down the street started serving the same thing? You heard on the news that Google is making millions of dollars off of Android even though it is based on Linux, an operating system notoriously fighting for free software? You bought a beautiful dress.. Read More

Start on a Good Foot: The Implications of Grooveshark’s Guilty Verdict

A recent Federal Court ruling has left the online streaming service Grooveshark in critical condition.  On September 29th, 2014, the Southern District of New York, in an opinion delivered by Judge Thomas P. Griesa, found the Florida-based company guilty of copyright infringement, concluding an action brought against it in joint suit by nine of the major record labels.  Damages are estimated to amount to anywhere in between 4 million and 840 million dollars,.. Read More