Legal Education for Nonlawyers

Last fall Cydney Swofford wrote about the growth of legal courses in journalism programs. Journalism is not the only field whose graduates would benefit from baseline legal training. Like journalism, STEM fields produce large numbers of graduates who drive innovation – they create new products, found new companies and find new ways to accomplish old tasks. But often the last thing these innovators want to do is bring in a lawyer. Lawyers often.. Read More

Is it Time to Capitalize on Privacy?

Looking back, it seems clear that 2013 was quite the year. It brought us a new Pope, record highs on Wall Street, and the ever-entertaining wrecking ball of Miley Cyrus’s career. However, 2013 should perhaps best be remembered as the year that most citizens of the digital age became acutely aware of a long neglected part of their life: online privacy. Pope Francis may have won Time’s “Person of the Year” award, but.. Read More