The Future of Online Streaming: Aereo, FilmOn, and “Public” Performances

Once the prime vehicle of audiovisual media consumption, television has, in recent years, seen its role marginalized. With the advent of popular online streaming services, paying for a television subscription—or even owning a television—is no longer necessary to keep up with the most popular shows. But even as streaming subscribers grow and cable and satellite television subscribers dwindle, TV remains on top. Meanwhile, those without access to “traditional television” may occasionally face the.. Read More

Could Hola mean more freedom, less censorship online?

With only a few clicks and no fees, users in China and Iran turn on Hola to access Facebook. Users in the United States can use it now to stream better coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics, or to expand their Netflix options. Hola’s website boasts that it allows users to “enjoy any site from any country,” by adding middlemen between your computer and the site you want to access. This browser plug-in.. Read More

Contrasting Approaches Towards Curbing Music Piracy

The “Stick” Approach In 2003, a 12-year-old girl and a 71-year-old grandfather were among the 261 people served with lawsuits by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).[i] They were presented with the option to either settle for $2000 or to face charges up to $150,000 per illegally downloaded song.[ii] These cases were ridiculed by the news media, while the RIAA defended its actions, stating, “Nobody likes playing the heavy and having to.. Read More