Keeping the Cat in the Bag: Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine and its Inevitable Evolution

Choosing to keep intellectual property as trade secrets can place employers in a tough position: employers must expose intellectual property to certain employees so they can do their jobs, but in a global marketplace where employees increasingly work for multiple employers during their business lives, this exposure places trade secrets at risk of misappropriation. Because of the nature of trade secrets, employers cannot always count on contractual obligations or legal remedies to deter.. Read More

Interview with Bob Feinberg, General Counsel at WNET New York Public Media

Bob Feinberg joined Educational Broadcasting Corporation (“EBC”) in March, 2008 as Deputy General Counsel and was appointed Deputy General Counsel of WNET in September, 2008.  In September, 2009, he was appointed General Counsel of WNET, where he is responsible for overseeing staff covering Legal Affairs, Government & External Affairs, Labor Relations, Talent Relations & Administration, Corporate Records, and the Board of Trustees Administration. Prior to joining EBC, Bob was general counsel and deputy.. Read More