China’s long and tortured history when it comes to intellectual property laws

Seeing that definitions and concepts of property as they relate to ownership and authorship are fundamental, it is important to ask how China, a nation built on a political philosophy which holds all property to be common, defines property today. What is the impact, if any, of China’s communist past on both how intellectual property is viewed and how it is protected or, considering China’s issues with counterfeiting, not protected? Intellectual property law.. Read More

Legal Education for Nonlawyers

Last fall Cydney Swofford wrote about the growth of legal courses in journalism programs. Journalism is not the only field whose graduates would benefit from baseline legal training. Like journalism, STEM fields produce large numbers of graduates who drive innovation – they create new products, found new companies and find new ways to accomplish old tasks. But often the last thing these innovators want to do is bring in a lawyer. Lawyers often.. Read More