Directive vs. Regulation: The Proposed Changes to the European Privacy Protection Framework

The European Union Data Protection Regulation (“Regulation”) draft was presented on January 25, 2012. The Regulation will replace the European Union Data Directive (“Directive”) and will place affirmative responsibilities on all European Union member states and unify data protection laws across the EU. Since the introduction of the original draft, thousands of amendments to the Regulation have been presented to the European Commission with some calling for stricter provisions, while others calling for.. Read More

GTA Online: How to Make Fans Happy that You Botched the Launch

This has not been a season for successful launches of online systems. Although the debacle was overshadowed by the troubled rollout of the Obama administration’s website, the launch-day issues with the Grand Theft Auto Online platform present an interesting case study in how to manage the technical failure of a highly-anticipated online entertainment platform. They also provide us with what might be an obvious lesson in human nature: People who are willing.. Read More

Interview with David McCraw: Mass Media Law and the Future of the Freedom to Access Information

David McCraw is the Assistant General Counsel for the New York Times, and an Adjunct Professor at New York University School of Law. Q: How did you get into media law? A: I was a journalism major in undergraduate, and I worked at newspapers after I graduated. I was a journalism professor before I went to law school. Then I went to law school and after I clerked, I worked at a firm.. Read More

Wiki-leaks releases a draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Wikileaks recently released an August 30th draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreemnt (TTP) which has received wide spread criticism for proposing  greater than anticipated protection for intellectual property holders. The TTP is supposed to align countries in the protection of intellectual property, but the United States proposal goes above the current level of protection the country currently offers to IP holders. Some believe that the United States is using the TTP in an attempt to.. Read More

Freedom to Discriminate? First Amendment Protection of Television Casting Choices

Freedom of speech is viewed as integral to America and its place as a modern progressive society. But, at what point does the First Amendment’s protection of speech inhibit the very progress that it represents? In the recent case, Claybrooks v. ABC, the court held that discriminatory television casting choices are protected by the Constitution. In Claybrooks, two African-American men sued ABC on the basis of alleged casting discrimination in the popular show,.. Read More

Interview with Linda Goldstein: How Social Media Has Affected Advertising Law

Linda Goldstein (’78) is a partner at Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips as well as chair of the Advertising, Marketing, and Media division. She has represented clients in advertising, intellectual property, and media-related issues. Q: How did you get into Advertising law? Did you always know that you wanted to be an advertising lawyer? A: I was at a large law firm doing litigation when an opportunity to go in-house at what was then.. Read More


Recently, there has been a spate of lawsuits filed by, or on behalf of, unpaid interns. The majority of these cases have attained class-action status and name prominent entertainment corporations as defendants, including: Fox Entertainment Group, NBC Universal, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group among others. These lawsuits are largely a product of a June 2013 decision by Judge William H. Pauley III of the Southern District of New York who ruled.. Read More