Taking a law course as a journalism grad student? Vital.

At the University of North Carolina, every journalism student has to pass Mass Communication Law before graduating. From doctoral candidates to lowly broadcast undergraduates (like I was), every student tackles the infamous rigor of swapping their usual hands-on, skills-based courses for a class coated in legal theory and statutory interpretation. But Dr. Cathy Packer, media law professor and faculty co-director for the UNC Center for Media Law and Policy, insists that a legal.. Read More

Trademark Protection in the Internet Age

When an owner registers a trademark he is entitled to national protection for the use of his registered mark, with a notable exception. The territorial exception found in §15 and §33(b)(5) of the Lanham Act provides protection to companies whose use of a mark predates the national registration within the original geographic territory in which they “did business.” This exception allows regional brands to continue the use of their trademark, even after a.. Read More

Breaking Down Image Licensing and NCAA Regulations

Until recently, the widely-covered class action antitrust lawsuit led by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon against the NCAA, the videogame maker Electronic Arts, and the licensing firm Collegiate Licensing Co. had been winding its way through the federal court system. According to a September 17 report by Steve Berkowitz in USA Today, a motion to dismiss was filed by the NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Co. (According to Berkowitz, Electronic Arts filed a.. Read More

The New (and Improved?) NCAA Enforcement Structure

With much attention being paid to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) as the former UCLA basketball star, Ed O’Bannon-led class action lawsuit continues to grab headlines, the NCAA’s recent changes to its enforcement structure has garnered minimal notoriety. After years of complaints about significant delays in the investigation process, unclear regulations and difficult to navigate procedures, the NCAA enlisted the help of its member institutions to revamp its enforcement structure. Following numerous.. Read More

iPhriend or iPhoe: Privacy Concerns Raised by Apple’s New Fingerprint Technology

With the craze over Apple’s two new iPhones, the sleek and stylish iPhone 5s and the more colorful 5c, many consumers may be overlooking one characteristic causing great concern. This one worrisome feature is the new fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5s, which is a radical technological advancement in Apple’s cellular technology. Ironically, this is the likely feature that sent millions flocking to the Apple store during the phone’s debut weekend. As described.. Read More